How To Increase Your Adsense Earning With These 4 Tips

How  To Increase Your Adsense Earning With These 4 Tips
How  To Increase Your Adsense Earning With These 4 Tips


Guys If you are a blogger, Youtuber or App developer then you must have faced a problem of less earning generated through Adsense so today I am gonna share some tips of mine to increase revenue through your Adsense.

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How To Increase Adsense Earnings  :

So here I am gonna cover all the important points that you must remember so that you can increase your earnings with Adsense.

To earn more with Adsense through your blog or website then you must research for keywords that are giving you high CPC  , you can get keywords or tags of high RPM (counts both CPC and CPM) from google and can use these keywords in your blog post or article so that you can get ads of high quality and high RPM.

The now more important thing, although if you guys are getting good quality ads also then also you will not be able to earn more because Adsense pay you much more for clicks than impression so you must always try to get good traffic, to know how to get more traffic to click this link: Get views on blogger

Now you can have good quality ads and traffic so clicks will be also more but…
You must try to get clicks from western countries because their CPC is very very high by which you can make a very huge amount of profit daily, so you must research for keywords or tags that are ranking in countries like USA, UK, etc.

If you are facing problem in getting good quality ads or traffic then you must write profitable niche blogs that mean you have to write post or article based on the same topic and also giving high CPM and CPC for these types of blog: Click here

Last and best trick is that you must write an article about something related to finance because they can provide you high-quality ads and traffic so try this trick if all tricks are not working.